The tremendous popularity of the recorder in 17th-century England had a conspicuous impact on concert life in the 18th century. The instrument was so popular in this area that the recorder was also known as the ‘English flute’. Experiments to develop new types of flute were therefore bound to come. Thus models originated that were directly derived from the ‘common flute’ (treble recorder), for example the small ‘sixth flute’ and the lower ‘voice flute’. For each of these types of flute special compositions were written. More precisely composers from the entourage of Händel wrote gems that are seldom heard on concert stages today. From this rich repertoire flautist Patrick Denecker was delighted to select a concert programme. He brings along some experienced musicians who have known each other for a long time: together they form the brand-new ensemble RedHerring!

Birgit Goris, violin | Michiyo Kondo, violin | Kaori Uemura, viol | Jan Bontinck, cello | Benoît Vanden Bemden, violone & double bass | Guy Penson, harpsichord | Patrick Denecker, recorders & artistic direction

Works by William Croft, Henry Purcell, John Baston, William Babell, Francesco Barsanti, Nicola Matteis & Robert Woodcock