Roel Dieltiens & Kölner Akademie

Period instruments and first-rate soloists are at the top of the priority list of Michael Willens’ Kölner Akademie. In this magnificent anniversary concert for CPE Bach all the stops are pulled out: with the hero of the feast in the spotlight, the programme features cello concertos and symphonies. Guest of honour Roel Dieltiens handles the bow.
The cello concertos of CPE Bach were originally written for the cello and were later arranged for flute and for his own instrument, the keyboard. The contrasts between major and minor, between cantabile fragments and hyperactive passages, soloist lyricism and orchestral energy, sound exceedingly poignant indeed. Congratulations, CPE!

Kölner Academie | Roel Dieltiens, cello | Michael Alexander Willens, artistic direction

C.P.E. Bach: Sinfonie in e, Wq 178; Celloconcerto in A, Wq 172; Sinfonie in F, Wq 181; Celloconcerto in a, Wq 170