Romina Lischka

France and the viola da gamba: a win-win combination! Mr. de Sainte-Colombe and Marin Marais have already emerged from obscurity a long time ago, but the French baroque repertoire counts many more brilliant compositions for the ancestor of the cello. ‘ECHO rising star’ Romina Lischka knocked at the door of Mr. Demachy – contemporary of the Sun King – and saw it swing open to viol suites of the highest calibre.
Of Demachy’s oeuvre only eight works have come down to us: suites for viol, written down in two volumes that appeared in Paris in 1685. They secured a niche in music history as the very first published works for viol solo! The energetic, highly expressive playing of Romina Lischka makes the most of these dances after the French fashion: dynamized by the style brisé and with a rich chordic texture – the musical equivalent of luxurious velvet.

Romina Lischka, viol

Mr. Demachy: Suite in D for viol; Suite in g for viol; Suite in G for viol; Suite in d for viol