Start summerschool for advanced singers

The sixth edition of the Cappella Pratensis Summerschool will turn to the city of Mantua, where the young Claudio Monteverdi truly found his voice as a composer. During his years in the employ of the culture-loving duke Vincenzo Gonzaga (1590-1612), Monteverdi had the chance to compose both for concerts in the Gonzaga palaces and the palace chapel, Santa Barbara. The city also boasted some of the leading musicians of the day, including Wert, Salomone Rossi, Striggio, Viadana, Riccio, … 

In this week-long course, participants will join Stratton Bull and Pieter Stas of Cappella Pratensis, singing music drawn from this illustrious group of composers, and of course from Monteverdi’s own ‘Mantua years’. New to the team is the Italian keyboard player and conductor of the ensemble Cantar Lontano, Marco Mencoboni. Marco’s in-depth understanding of the Italian repertoire and the linguistic subtleties of this music make him the ideal partner for this course, during which we will continue our tradition of working with facsimiles of original scores.

The collaboration with the parallel Summerschool for wind instruments (in collaboration with Wim Becu) gives an added value to the course. It opens the door to a wide variety of styles.

Due to the interaction with the Laus Polyphoniae Festival, the participants get the opportunity to hear top international ensembles perform polyphony. Each participant receives a package of 5 concert tickets.  

InstructorsStratton Bull and Pieter Stas (members of Cappella Pratensis) | Marco Mencoboni (director of Cantar Lontano)

ParticipantsThe Summerschool is intended for (pre-)professional and advanced amateur singers. Experience has shown that the mix between these groups offers a fruitful learning opportunity for all.

DatesMonday August 25th through Sunday August 31th 2014  

Cost220 euros. Five concert tickets for the Laus Polyphoniae Festival included. Musica and AMUZ will make a selection. Accommodation is available at every price category, including an excellent youth hostel nearby, guest-families, and a wide variety of hotels.

SelectionParticipants are selected based on curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation. Please send this to info@musica. The selection of the participants will be made at regular moments. 

A initiative of Musica, Impulse Centre for Music an AMUZ, Festival of Flanders-Antwerp.