Theme lecture

The link between Portugal and Flanders is a leitmotiv in this edition of Laus Polyphoniae. In the 14th century people in Portugal were already acquainted to a certain extent with what was happening in the Low Countries in the field of music. From the 15th century on the connections between both areas intensified, among other factors through the family ties between the two royal houses and through trade relations, mainly with Antwerp. First and foremost the mutual art trade flourished in those days. Musicologist Sofie Taes (AMUZ, Alamire Foundation, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) traces the musical connections between Portugal and our area in this thematic lecture. She singles out for special consideration the impact of printing music on the increasing knowledge of each other’s repertoire as well as investigating how a number of historical figures personify the links between the two countries. Dutch spoken.

Sofie Taes