Transparant & Oxalys

Pelléas et Mélisande Maurice Maeterlinck wrote a play that immediately became the talk of the town. The fairy-tale story of the later Nobel Prize winner for literature relates how the mysterious Mélisande is found in a forest by prince Golaud. Her arrival causes a fatal triangular relationship. The intriguing story inspired Claude Debussy to his only (completed) opera.

Music theatre company Transparant brings an intimistic chamber music version that does justice to the poetic power of the piece. In a plain video décor the singers represent the characters. Flanked by the instrumentalists of Oxalys they carry the audience away on an interior journey steeped in dark images. A story about a girl who gets out of touch with her origins and seems to attract death in her quest for love.

Production: Muziektheater Transparant & Oxalys. Coproduction: Concergebrouw Brugge & Maeterlinck Jaar Gent 2012 & Bergen International Opera. With the support of La Monnaie – De Munt Vlaamse Opera

Annelies Van Parys arrangement | Vivian Cruz movie | Wouter Van Looy direction | Marit Strindlund musical direction | Mijke Sekhuis Mélisande | Florian Just Pelléas | Andreas Jankowitsch Golaud | Marie-Noële Vidal Geneviève | Knut Stiklestad Arkel | Matthis Perreaux Yniold