Zefiro Torna

In early 17th-century England people were fond of ‘a good song’ and of dance music. It was an era in which music was steeped in references to exuberant court masques and to Shakespearean theatre. Many composers were for that matter affiliated with the famous theatrical company The King’s Men. John Dowland and Robert Johnson launched the century with their exquisite songs and their superb lute repertoire. Consort music was produced by Thomas Morley, Philip Rosseter and Richard Allison. They were succeeded by such composers as Henry Lawes and William Webb, first and foremost famous for their song books of outstanding quality. Eventually around 1650 we end up with John Playford, the successful editor of the handbook The Dancing Master. The ensemble Zefiro Torna celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and for this occasion rounds up the cream of the crop of the Belgian historical and traditional music scene for a delicious musical blend with the most marvellous sounds from the England of Elisabeth I and the Stuarts.

Cécile Kempenaers, soprano | Didier François, nyckelharpa | Philippe Malfeyt, renaissance lute, cister, theorbo & baroque guitar | Jurgen De bruyn, renaissance lute, archlute, baroque guitar, voice & artistic direction