Zefiro Torna & Corpo Barocco

Manoli Blessi was the pseudonym of Antonio Molino, a poet, composer and theatre producer in 16th-century Venice. He wrote his poetry in the so-called ‘lingua greghesca’: an invented language, a bizarre mix of Venetian and Greek dialects. Zefiro Torna and the dancers of Corpo Barocco will bounce you with a revival of the burlesque extravagance of Blessi’s texts in the spirit of the commedia dell’arte.

Blessi’s oeuvre is very diverse: besides erotic songs, odes to female singers and parodies of the poetry of Petrarca and Bembo his Libro delle Greghesche also contains two elegies on the death of Adriaen Willaert. This concert approaches this motley collection with a matching musical sense of variation. Now the greghesche take their cue from simple folk genres, then again they are close to the refined Italian madrigal. A Pulcinella and a dancer take you to the octagon hall of Palazzo Cornaro in Padova, a sanctuary for the commedia dell’arte.

Karin Modigh, dance & commedia | Luca Lomazzi, dance & commedia | Sigrid T’Hooft, concept & choreography | Cécile Kempenaers, cantus | Els Van Laethem, cantus | Els Janssens, alt | Stephan Van Dyck, tenor | Matthew Baker, bass | Marleen Leicher, cornett | Hannelore Devaere, harp | Ivanka Neeleman, viola de gamba | Jurgen De bruyn,  renaissance guitar, lute & artistic direction

Photo (c) Lieven Dirckx