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Tête à tête with Chopin

Tête à tête with Chopin

door Tal Walker

The winter in 1844-45 was very severe and Chopins health was getting worse. He
went every summer with his partner, George Sand, to her family estate in Nohant. The
tension in the house grew and Chopin claimed that he could not compose properly.

…I should like now to finish my violoncello sonata, barcarolle, and something else
that I dont know how to name…

Tête à Tête with Chopin will take you on a journey to Chopins last summer in
Nohant, composing the last pieces he has ever published during his lifetime.
The concert pianist Tal Walker will perform Chopins Barcarolle, Polonaise
Fantaisie, Nocturne and more. He is hosting the talented cellist and composer
Pieter Jan De Smet, together they will perform the famous Cello Sonata op.65.
Chopins polish songs will be sang throughout the recital by the prize winning Polish
soprano, Katarzyna Wilk. The word-artist Arno Boey will lead us through Chopins
story and will read some of his letters from that summer.

Polish Songs No. 11 – The Double-End
Barcarolle op. 60
Polonaise Fantaisie op. 61
Nocturne op. 62 no.2
Mazurka op. 63 no.2
Waltze op.64 no.1
Polish Songs No. 9 – Melody
Sonata for Cello and Piano op.65
I Allegro Moderato
II Scherzo
III Largo
IV Finale – Allegro

Tal Walker, piano
Kasia Wilk, soprano
Pieter-Jan De Smet, cello
Arno Boey, word-artist

DI 24.05.16 | 20.00

standard price: € 13,00
students: € 10,00